You’re taking your dogs to Vietnam???!!!??


Xin Chao!

Xin Chao! Em Khoe Khong?

Xin Chao!


Friend: “You’re taking your three dogs to Vietnam? Are you crazy??? Don’t you know they eat dogs there? And cats.. and basically anything that moves…”

Me: “Yes. But I’m not about to leave them behind, they are family. They go where we go!”

Necessity is the mother of all inventions and now-a-days the catalyst behind some blogs, like this one. I wanted to help people who are moving to Vietnam or living here with pet related concerns and questions. I noticed there is a wealth of misinformation as well as a lack of information when it comes to pets here. I also noticed that there are many people like me who do decide to bring their pets with them as well as people who adopt/ buy pets here too. This soapbox was created to dispel misperceptions and provide the necessary information for people with pets to make an informed decision.

As the country continues to develop the pet market is beginning to flourish. I am beginning to see more and more Pet Stores, Veterinary Clinics and even an Animal Shelter, ARC- Animal Rescue and Care taking root. Vietnam Pets is a forum for animal lovers who want to get current information on all things pets in Vietnam so they can make the best informed decision for their loved ones.



One response

20 05 2011

Thank you for these posts about having a pet dog or cat in Vietnam. I found them informative. I am considering moving to Ho Chi Minh with my three dogs and two cats. I will visit the city next week, could you advise of the pet boarding facilities available? I would like to review them as part of my evaluation of this city.

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